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About Susan

Susan J. Austin, PhD

Author and Educator

Susan J. Austin, PhD.

Photo Credit: Laura Turbow

As both an educator and author, writing historical fiction for kids brings a special pleasure. What fun to immerse myself in a bygone era then bring it to life through story. My characters are almost always brave, strong willed, and willing to take risks. And my stories circle back to ideas that matter most to me—ties of friendship, pathways to courage, and the injustice of racial prejudice.

I live in Northern California with my biggest fan, my hubby whom I have known since the age of fifteen. We reside in a cozy 1924 bungalow with a garden populated by lemon, lime and orange trees, fussy but elegant rose bushes, and birds of every variety. While I spend considerable time in my writing studio, if you happen to walk by our house on a nice day, you may see me writing from the comfort of my front porch, a mug of coffee by my side.

Did I mention how much I love libraries and bookstores? Collecting books? Talking about books? Being inspired by books?

The story is truly finished — and meaning is made —
not when the author adds the last period,
but when the reader enters.
Celeste Ng