I am an educator and author, living in Northern California, the land of vast bays, the rolling surf of the mighty Pacific ocean, enumerable bridges, mostly mild weather, and yes, occasional unsettling earthquakes.

I love writing historical novels for kids, immersing myself in an era, and bringing it to life in all its wonderful details. And I always return to ideas that matter most to me—the injustice of racial prejudice, the ties of friendship, and pathways to courage.

Some of my best ideas show up as I prune my prickly rose bushes or comb the beach for delicate pieces of colored sea glass. I have practiced Tai Chi for many years. That’s the ideal time for me to think about nothing but Tai Chi, especially when we do Fan Form. At the moment, I am putting the finishing touches on my latest books—Just the Ticket: An Adventure-by-the-Sea, and Becoming Julia: A Novel.