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My new book
Drawing Outside the Lines:
A Julia Morgan Novel

is available
in bookstores everywhere

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Happy Birthday, Julia!
Let’s celebrate 150 Years Since Your Birth

Julia Morgan in High School

Photo Credit: Julia Morgan Papers,
Special Collections and Archives,
California Polytechnic State University.

Julia Morgan, High School (1887-1890)

Julia Morgan was born 150 years ago, on January 20, 1872. How did a young girl, born in the Victorian era when marriage and family were all she could hope for, become a legendary architect? Defying all expectations for girls, Julia chose her own path and succeeded brilliantly.

I am  delighted to share the story of young Julia Morgan with you in Drawing Outside the Lines: A Julia Morgan Novel, to be launched by Spark Press on October 18, 2022. Happy Birthday, Julia. It’s been an amazing 150 years since your birth. May your beautiful buildings live on for at least another 150 years.

The old typewriter
Photo credit: Stonehenge Designs